earth soul is about how we need to learn to live on Earth in a holistic balance that includes a sacred relationship with Nature.  By opening up our hearts, eyes and ears to new levels of perception, we become holy partners with Nature.  This requires a commitment to evolve our own body/mind/soul relationships within ourselves and with each other, through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development work…..CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Imagine a world where people live together in co-operative communities that are locally sourced with food, work and other services.  Where buildings are built energy efficiently, sustainably, with local, natural materials such as wood, earth and straw or with recycled materials. Where people enter into sacred relationships with the landscapes around them and honour the gifts of abundance that the Earth offers in ways that do not abuse or over use the natural balance of local micro systems…..CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Ingrid Cryns, Founder

earth soul is the synthesis of over 20 years of living and creating, where Ingrid Cryns found her deepest core healing in an evolving relationship with the heart and soul of GAIA – the living consciousness of the Earth.   With an ever expanding relationship to her own soul work, Ingrid embodies a grounded presence that conveys a form of Mother Earth energy.  Ingrid is a gifted intuitive with a highly analytical mind, combined with an energizing creative impulse that enables her also to sense, interpret and feel earth, body and soul energies…..CLICK HERE FOR MORE

earth soul, founded by Director, Ingrid Cryns, BES, B Arch, OAA, CBT, synthesizes her expertise in Natural Building Design through her architectural practice, soma earth, and her Body Soul Psychotherapy Healing practice, Building Soul, into a new form of work. As an integration of the two individual branches of her work, earth soul, forms the trunk or foundation for Living & Building Naturally in connection with how we as human beings live in relationship together, with the Heart & Soul of Nature.

earth soul offers Events, Workshops & a Mentorship Program, Earth Living Coaching, Earth Soul Integration Sessions & Body Soul Psychotherapy. We also offer inspiring and informative earth soul WISDOM, through Social Media, Blog postings, Newsletters and Books for sale.

All events and workshops are held at the earth soul SANCTUARY Farm homestead in Uxbridge, Ontario. Earth Living Coaching, Earth Soul Integration Sessions & Body Soul Psychotherapy are offered in the downtown Toronto Office, at the Uxbridge Farm and by phone or Skype.

Events, Workshops and Mentorship Program

Events, workshops and a unique mentorship training program are offered to teach earth soul wisdom, integrating the way we live, eat & build with the land.  We do this by learning how to co-create a new, more sustainable reality though the transformation and evolution of our mental, emotional, spiritual and grounded, body wisdom awareness. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

Earth Living Coaching

Earth Living Coaching Consultations are offered on holistic property selection, natural building design, homesteading set up and how to gently transition to a sustainable, self-sufficient life that is in balance and alignment with the Earth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Earth Soul Integration Sessions

Earth Soul Integration Sessions inspire you to heal and transform your body, mind and soul to a place of inner balance, peace and bliss by opening up your ability to be in greater connection, communication and alignment with Earth consciousness. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Body Soul Psychotherapy

Body Soul Psychotherapy is offered to assist those that need depth support to heal and transform core wounds from distorted developmental upbringing, dysfunctional relationships, unhealthy attachments or abuse.  For women, men or couples that are lost, confused or in crises, this form of work will help you find the light in your darkness, transforming the broken parts into new ways of being.

Anxiety, depression, anger, shame, feeling blocked or stuck are fundamental messages from your emotional body that there is something out of balance with how your body and mind are understanding how to navigate your life. Through learning how to connect your mind to the wisdom of your body and soul, you become more stable, calmer, joyful and more able to manifest your desires or soul purpose, in greater balance with the Earth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Homesteading for Retirement

Our retirement plan is to create a homestead that is low impact, low carbon footprint and self-sufficient in terms of food, electrical and heating energies and that has a low to zero mortgage…



Imagine a world where people live together in co-operative communities that are locally sourced with food, work and other services.  Where buildings are built energy efficiently, sustainably, with…

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